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I'm a porn ninja. RAWR.

Hey Kate
I am the girl you love to hate. (or hate to love.)
I love my TRUE friends...mainly Missy.
I'm a porn ninja. RAWR.
My nicknames are Hey Kate and Ritalin.
I say yo alot...way more than I need too...mainly because I'm white.
Apparently I like the word mainly.
My favorite words would have to be yo, word, silly, porn, drugs, pants, penis, and rawr.
I'm definitely the unique one of my friends at school.
I love scary movies and comedies.
I love having superpowers.
I am a volleyball player, basketball player, and softball player.
I'm awesomely retarded, but you know you love it.
I do stupid things when I'm bored mostly with Missy.
I love changing lyrics to songs.
I am in love with mixing energy drinks with cereal...like monster and fruit loops.
I heart Thursdays*wink wink*
I hate leaving messages on people's anwsering machines and voicemails.
I got some junk in the trunk.
I want to be his best kept secret and his biggest mistake.

My favorite...
color: black, white, and aqua together.
author: Dr. Seuss.
song: Cut Up Angels - The Used.
person: Missy
movie: A Walk to Remember.
show: Whose Line is it Anyway?
food: Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwhiches.

I like guys that:
play instruments
very caring
have pretty eyes

bands: fall out boy, the used, senses fail, story of the year, underoath, simple plan, plain white ts, motion city soundtrack, nirvana, panic! at the disco, sugarcult, from first to last, green day, hawthorne heights, all american rejects, my chemical romance, linkin park, mxpx

my pet!

Mohawks are Love

Sebastien Lefebvre is Simply... Love Sex

Family Guy is Hilarious Love

Fall Out Boy is Love

Simple Plan is Love Obsession

Chuck Comeau is Simply... Love

Bam Margera is Love

David Desrosiers is Simply... Love Sex

the Used are Love

♥ Pierre Bouvier is party animal wild and crazy up all night sore in the morningand wanting more sex ♥

Pierre Bouvier is Simply... Love

Jeff Stinco is Simply... Love

Made By ZiggyGurl

♥Shirtless Pierre Is Love...Sex♥

♥ David Desrosiers is black eyeliner sex ♥

♥ Patrick Langlois is Role Model Clothing sex ♥

♥ Sebastien Lefebvre is blue eyed pocket sharpie sex ♥

♥ Jeff Stinco is hot bald head sex ♥

♥ Chuck Comeau is flying drumstick sex ♥

Care of dorkychick182

Care of dorkychick182